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Cerdos se alimentan en el bosque

Our farm, Elola, is set on 54 hectares (133 acres) of beautiful green fields filled with ryegrass, white and purple clover, mountain grasses and alfalfa, nettle roots, rumex and the nuts and seeds from our centenarian native evergreens. This makes up the greatest part of the diet of our happy hogs. In the winter, the season of rain, snow, ice and wind, we add in some grains, corn, broad beans, barley, hay, alfalfa, peas and bran. No GMO's, ever. That is why we never use soy, not even during breeding periods.

All this, combined with the slow development of this ancient native breed of pig, makes the fattening period much longer. They are with us almost 24 months until they reach 120-140 kgs. weight (220-310 lbs.).


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