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A happy hog - Description of the breed

Descripcion raza Euskal Txerri“Euskal Txerria” pigs are known for their enormous, floppy ears that fall over their eyes, even reaching their snouts. Their ears may drag along the ground as they forage for chestnuts, hazelnuts, beech nuts, or as they just snack on a bit of the fresh grass that abounds throughout their extensive domain. Perhaps it is these big, floppy ears that have made them develop their friendly and easy-going character.

On one occasion, our humble farmstead was honoured to receive a visit from the President of the Japanese Academy of Gastronomy and Chef-President of KIKUNOI Restaurant, traditional Kyoto cuisine, YOSHIHIRO MURATA. On observing our free-range pigs rambling over their range, eating, foraging, running, sunning themselves and shading themselves under our centenarian beech trees, and bathing in the mud, Mr. Murata exclaimed, "These pigs ARE HAPPY, THEY LIVE HAPPY!"

Happy because they enjoy the Earth,
the Air,
the Rain,
the Snow,
the Wind,
the Sun,
the Food.
The surest way to get excellent meat is to make sure the animal lives free and happy.
Happy Pig, Excellent Meat.


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