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Biodiversity - A farm that is one with nature

Pigs taking care of the beech groveWe put our defence of biodiversity into practice. That's why you'll find sheep and cows grazing in our fields in addition to our pigs. For the really steep bits, we have our goats!

We also work for reforestation. In 2008 alone, we planted 4,000 oak trees, 2,000 chestnut tress and 1,000 walnut trees. Our ancient beech groves are regenerating on their own.

Euskal Txerri hogs helping to keep a reforested mountainside cleanOur beloved and happy Euskal Txerria hogs are our allies in this effort. Experts in the clearance of weeds and brambles, and well aware of the shelter and food that the beech trees provide them, they meticulously care for, respect and clean the area around each beech sapling they find. They never tread, trample or bite a single one of them.


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