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Special thanks

Pello y amigos en el stand en Tierra Madre

Special thanks are due to the Euskal Abereak association (supporting Basque heritage breeds of animals), to the international Slow Food movement, to a big bunch of Slow chefs, and above all to a great veterinarian, friend and tireless fellow-traveler. We've been through very, very hard times together, and we've also shared many great moments together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And that said, I must consider the most important always to be those anonymous people who, often without ever meeting me in person, have believed in us and in our project because we were offering them an honest product, real food. People who we've served at local fairs or by phone who in our rush, we've forgotten to greet with a smile or say thank you to.  Logo Euskal AbereakTo you, we say a heartfelt “sorry,” along with our promise to be more mindful in that regard in the future. Thank you, thank you very much. 

Special mention to Germán Arrién. Wherever you are. THANK YOU.


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