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Urdapilleta - History of a surname


Logo UrdapilletaA commercial brand needs to be clean, concise and unmistakable.

This brand is not clean or concise — you can only really get to know it by “the facts of flavour”.

Savour it, gently, slowly

With soul, with time


A book: “Apellidos Vascos y sus orígenes” (Basque surnames and their origins), says the following:

Urdapilleta: urde – pilla, “group of pigs”, “herd of pigs”, surname originating in the towns of Bidania and Beizama, a mountainous area to which in olden times the farmers of the Urola valley and even as far off as Zarautz herded their pigs in transhumant migration in the autumn to take advantage of the abundant local chestnut, beech and oak groves.

Our “Elola Farm” is located just on the border between Bidania and Beizama.

The wisdom, work and love for this land that has been passed down from parents to children generation after generation fills us with pride, and at the same time, with a great sense of responsibility for what we have received. This unbroken chain dates back at least to the year 1550, when the earliest known records indicate that Joanes Urdapilleta was the owner of Elola Farm in Bidania. The first known event in the historically recorded part of this saga is that Elola Farm was passed on from Joanes to Gracián in 1580. The last conveyance occurred in 1992, when Paulino passed it on to Pello. .

And so, since 1550 an Urdapilleta has been in charge of this little bit of the world.

We could have turned our energies to something else, but Euskal Txerria called out from the deepest part of us.

This is why we now want to share (and to taste!) our beloved Euskal Txerria with you.


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